As an award-winning artist and graphic designer, I was fortunate to team up with an amazing company to developed the prize-winning PC action adventure games Fahrenheit - Indigo Prophecy, for PS2 and Omicron’s the Nomad Soul featuring David Bowie. ​

​Additionally I have experience in web and print design and have lead many successful political, advertising and marketing campaigns in the past.

I am a "multidisciplinary" Artist Painter, Photographer, Sculptor and Graphic Designer. Art has been a lifelong passion. With more than 20 years of experience I have the skill to make your project come to life.  

Born in France, I studied Fine Arts and Graphics Arts in Paris. I now live in Newport, Rhode Island since 2008. I am also very passionate about nature and animals. My French Bulldogs Atticus and Gatsby inspire me in my artwork.  I enjoy painting original pet portraits.
I use different mediums for my work such as acrylic, oils and watercolor.  I also use different styles for my work. ​​

​My hope is to share with you the smile and joy my Frenchies bring into my life and have that reflected in my art.


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